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Family doesn't make it any easier.

Stress, Anxiety and Depression look different on everyone, and everyone handles it differently. My dad doesn’t handle his issues well, he resorts to alcohol and drugs to help him feel better. This all tends to turn him into a different person, someone who I don’t really like or want to talk too. It’s hard for me watch him struggle so much and to know that there is nothing I can do that will help him. Over this past year our family has faced a lot of hardships because of this, sometimes it’s gets really scary to see my family about to fall apart. Sometimes I feel like my life gets a little out of control and that’s hard for me because I like things in my control. Other times I don’t really wanna go home to see my family because I don’t wanna deal with what happening at home and have the stresses that come with it.

~anonymous 16 year old female

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