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Listen To The Tiny Whispers Before They Lead To Choas

Whispering Rock Counseling is located in Baltimore Maryland founded by Lisa Kessler Mazzilli. Lisa specializes in counseling for children and adolescents who may be struggling with school refusal, bullying, anxiety, ADHD,  or peer issues.

Forest Lake

See What Our Clients Have Said

Life doesn't have to be a constant balancing act. Lisa Kessler Mazzilli is a Clinical Mental Health Therapist with extensive experience working with young adults and educators in Maryland. She provides her clients with the skills to be resilient using a down-to-earth approach. Lisa shows up with authenticity, vulnerability, genuineness, and a sense of humor.  

River Rapids
“I have been seeing Lisa virtually for over two years. I always feel better after meeting with her as Lisa makes an effort to end each session on a positive note. She has been flexible, understanding, and available as she returns text within the hour, and even has accommodated a couple emergancy sessions.
Lisa is down to earth, caring and supportive which always made me feel as if I'm talking to a concerned friend rather than a therapist.


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