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High school is stressing me out!

Today, the stress put on students almost every single day can be overlooked. Many kids

in high school, especially those who aren’t the most social, may dread going to school, and the frequency of how often we go boosts this dread. Having to wake up every morning earlier than you’d like to and having to go learn about topics that don’t interest you but are required to graduate isn’t a very fun cycle to go through every day. “Well at least you have weekends,” for many students that care about their grade’s, weekends are spent instead of going to school, stressing about it. For example, if I have a big project coming up, or a few small homework assignments, or a test I need to study for. So many things can stack up quickly, causing the weekends to be overwhelmed by schoolwork, leaving no time to relax or make plans. Social media doesn’t tend to help with these issues either, it can either lead to any easy way to lose time and continue procrastinating, or it can lead to unrealistic goals, or giving up because of how high standards are set. A student may work hard in school every day and maintain a 4.0GPA while staying out of trouble and playing a sport, just to go check his phone and see that in order to get into his dream college he needs a 4.8 GPA, multiple sports and extracurriculars, hundreds of service hours and more. This can lead to undermining his own achievements or stressing about achieving more and more, until it becomes too much to keep up with. All in all, today’s teenagers trying to be successful are often forced to sacrifice things to make it where they want to go, whether that be their own personal time, their mental health, a hobby they enjoy, or just something small. The conditions of school hinder our abilities to live our lives and have fun because of the constant stressors being placed on us if we want to have a chance at doing well.

~anonymous 16-year-old male

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