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My Approach 

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Meet Lisa Kessler Mazzilli

Lisa is a Clinical Mental Health Therapist with extensive experience working with teenagers and adults in Maryland. She comes from a holistic, solution-focused approach and believes strongly in the mind/body connection. However, she is aware that people and events in our past have shaped the way we approach relationships and situations

Lisa Firmly Believes 

That coaching is harmonious with counseling. In order to brainstorm solutions to our problems, we first need to delve deep into why we think the way we think and why we respond the way we respond. 

Lisa can help you Learn, Cope, and Provide Balance as you navigate through life.

She Will Provide You With

The Skills To Be More Resilient.

Lisa uses a down-to-earth approach, showing up with authenticity, genuineness, vulnerability, and a sense of humor. She strives to help clients reach each pillar of Happiness:

Sense of Purpose

Loving/Engaged Relationships

And An Attitude of Optimism 

Areas of Focus

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Relationship Issues





Get in Touch

Lisa Kessler Mazzilli, LCPC

(410) 812-1292

$150 Per Session

$200 Intake Assessment

Blue Cross Blue Shield 


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Additional Certification

Rutgers School Of Social Work Certificate Program In Child & Adolescent Mental Health

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