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Holistic, Solution-Focused Approach

Founded by a Clinical Mental Health Therapist 



We constantly hear little whispers in our minds and bodies that tell us that things are not in sync. Sometimes we listen to these whispers and take action. Other times we do not listen until the whispers become so loud that they affect our daily functioning.

My hope for clients is that they choose to listen to the tiny whispers before they lead to chaos in the mind and body.

I Can Help You Learn, Cope, and Provide Balance As You Navigate Through Life.

Lisa teaches clients to be deliberate in their words and intentions, so their whispers become a voice. 

Did you know when a rock enters a river, it begins to be transported by the relentless, powerful currents of the running water?

The rock rolls around as it moves, banging against other rocks and suffering damage with each impact. The impact between the rocks is the dominant force contributing to its rounding and smoothing.

This is the goal of therapy...

to work through daily life challenges in order to become much more resilient and capable of handling experiences and situations that cause distress. Just as rocks become smoother over time, therapy teaches us to become more self-aware and mindful.



I use a down-to-earth approach. Showing up with Authenticity and Genuineness

Areas of Focus


Men and Women Between the ages of 18-24

Educators in the School System


Business Info

Located in Baltimore   (410) 812-1292

$150 Per Session

$200 Intake Assessment

Blue Cross Blue Shield


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